AltspaceVR creates a unique “in-person” feel for virtual events

Who misses going to real conferences with bad coffee, pastries, and getting some pens/notebooks instead of logging into another zoom webinar?! Us, right here! ✋

We sure miss in-person conferences here at justCX and have been working hard to recreate this same feel for fully virtual conferences. AltspaceVR is one of the current platforms we have used to host fully virtual VR based conferences! Who thought VR would be used for business?

Earlier this Fall, the Global HR Summit was held completely virtually on AltspaceVR. This was a first for a conference of this size and importance. Although it was the perfect audience to try this on as it was primarily focused on the role of immersive technology as part of the digital transformation process attracting HR and XR industry experts.

The VR room was designed to feel like a typical conference center with a mainstage and lots of networking areas. While attendees are wearing VR headsets they are represented as avatars in the virtual rooms. While the speakers are up on stage presenting, attendees can continue small 1–1 conversation with those “physically” close to them in the networking room.

This is just the beginning of what’s possible for fully virtual events.

In the future, we may see a return to some in-person events, however, we expect many events to continue to offer a hybrid format or continuing fully virtual. AltspaceVR is just the beginning and justCX is excited to continue working with new technologies to bring amazing experiences to your customers. Learn more at justCX or let us know what you think at



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